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How to keep track of your cryptos with the Portfolio Overview

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Increasing your wealth requires following this simple guideline: manage your assets, measure your investments, and multiply your capital. In today's challenging financial times, when net worth and return on investment (ROI) are at stake, it is more than necessary to keep this guideline in mind. No other asset — particularly volatile in recent years — necessitates the kind of surveillance, measurement, and management as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies do.

If you are holding or already collecting your income in cryptocurrencies, you want to keep track of the fluctuating value of your various tokens. At this stage, comes into play. Within the app, the Portfolio Overview lets you keep track of the ever-changing value of your different coins to manage your portfolio correctly. By adding multiple wallets, you can aggregate your crypto holdings and activities all in one place. Furthermore, you can organize and overwatch your pending and paid crypto invoices.

But how can you get the most out of the Portfolio Overview?

Within the Total Assets Value chart, you will see how much all your cryptocurrency holdings are worth. This value is denominated in your chosen base currency and aggregated from all wallets you have added/selected in the Account field. The table Last Activity shows you the three latest transactions with your added wallets.

Total Assets Value and Last Activity chart
Figure 1: Total asstes value

My Portfolio contains three crucial elements that summarize your crypto portfolio at its glance:

  1. You can see your portfolio's historical performance, allowing you to switch between one week, one month, three months, half a year, and one year.

  2. It gives you more detailed information about your fungible tokens (e.g. bitcoins). The section Unrealized Gains indicates if you are in loss/profit since holding each asset.

  3. Your non-fungible tokens (NFTs) become showcased, allowing you to hover for more detailed information.

My Portfolio chart containing fungible and non-fungible tokens
Figure 2: My Portfolio

If you hold many fungible or non-fungible tokens, you can click on See All to see your entire holdings. If you are within the NFT extension screen, you can click on each token and get all the information you may want to see, including ID, contract address, purchase price, issuance date, and even their properties.

Non-fungible token screen extension
Figure 3: Axie Information

Within the last table, Invoices, you can keep track of your pending and paid cryptocurrency invoices that you've created with's invoice creator. Awaiting Payment represents invoices that have been sent but not paid yet, while Payment Completed shows all paid invoices.

Pending and paid crypto invoices table
Figure 4: Invoices logo


At, our mission is to eliminate the gap between traditional accounting and blockchain-based accounting. is the first token-based accounting solution that offers seamless fiat-to-crypto invoicing. We provide a self-explanatory user interface with a clean and modern look, that naturally supports your workflow. Furthermore, we will integrate support for the most popular networks like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Fantom, and Ronin chain.


David Brodhagen is COO and co-founder at Before, he worked in the blockchain ecosystem for two years. Besides studying Business Administration he leads the Blockchain Initiative at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. You can contact him via email and LinkedIn.


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