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The seven basics - You should include these elements when creating an invoice as a freelancer

Finally the end of the month! You want to get paid for all your effort as a freelancer but doubts arise…What should I include on my invoice? There are different invoice templates depending on how you charge your client. For example, if you are a writer you may have a fee per article or maybe an hourly rate. In any case, there are some elements that you should always include.

Author: Carmen RodrIguez

  • Name and address of the invoicing party

This part is mostly self-explanatory, as a freelancer you just have to pay attention to not make any mistakes in order to avoid delays in your payments. Your billing address and contact details should be easily recognizable.

  • Name and address of the recipient

In the same way as the previous section the contact details such as the telephone number, email address, and postal address, should be listed too.

  • Invoicing date and number

The invoicing date is the date when the invoice is sent out to the client. It should not be confused with the invoice due date which refers to the deadline when the client should pay. Regarding the number, this element is particularly important if you have been working with a client for a while. This number will allow you to identify specific invoices and should never be used twice. An easy way to create invoice numbers can be to start with the year and then chronological order 20221, 20222, 20223,...

  • Type and scope of the work

It is crucial to be detailed in this part since it is the record of your work. You don't want to include vague descriptions of your tasks because this will not show professionality and will leave your contractor wondering what you used your time for. Instead be specific with your responsibilities, the amount of time it took you, and the payment that represents according to your rate. This way your client will have a better overview of your work and what he is paying for.

  • Tax rate and the net amount

This part can differ slightly depending on your country of origin because the tax rate may be subjected to different conditions. Generally it will be according to your income and you just have to check the bracket you fall into and specify the corresponding tax rate. Then you will be able to calculate the net amount.

  • Period of performance

When you are an hourly worker this period can be some days or a month, whereas when you work on fixed projects it can be extended.

  • Tax number of the invoicing party

Including your tax number will permit the identification of your services for tax purposes. In Germany, this number has 11 digits but in South Africa, it has 10. In order to get this number, you must be a registered freelancer. As you can see in figure one this is the last element you need to include in your contract.

the 7 basics

Figure 1: The 7 basics

Now you can start creating your first invoice with, the perfect tool for crypto freelancers. All these elements are easy to fill with our template. Crypto invoicing was never this easy!


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