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The MVP of goes live

Updated: May 26, 2022

Starting today, you can try out the WebApp for yourself. The first 500 users are allowed to create their own account and test out the features.

We were working relentlessly over the past months, engaging with the crypto freelancer community and identifying their needs to build a product, that is actually useful for them. We are super happy to give you the opportunity now to test our crypto-invoicing feature for yourself. Send Crypto invoices to your clients and receive your desired coin directly to the wallet of your choice. Track all your payments in the WebApp and manage up to 3 wallets at the same time.

We recorded a short video clip to show you what the user experience is like:

Since this is a beta version, please be aware that there might be some bugs or performance issues still occurring. We are working day and night to provide you a smooth user experience. If you find a bug or want us to implement your favorite token or a new feature, let us know in our discord:

We are looking forward to proceeding on our mission to empower freelancers worldwide to embrace crypto payments! Now, without further ado, login to and create your first crypto-invoice:


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