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Starting to work in web 3 can be easier than you thought

Every new technology brings new possibilities and opportunities. Some technologies even create so many opportunities, that it can be difficult trying to orient yourself when you want to start a career involving this new technology. Web3 is one of these technologies. Because of its rapid growth and change and web3’s decentralized nature, it can be hard to find a place to start your work in this field. That is why in this panel discussion, five experienced people which are currently working in the web3 space with different backgrounds and skills all come together to share their journey and give advice to everyone looking for a job in the web3 space.

This is a panel discussion hosted by Maria Eneva-Olms, founder of Ecolance and with the panel guests Mona Tiesler, venture capital investor for web3 startups, Jocelyne Royer, marketing specialist, Brian Becerra from BeInCrypto and Oliver Schantin CEO and Co-founder of

The best tips for finding work in the web3 field

  • reach out to recruitment agencies and headhunters

  • visit meetups and conferences

  • network with like-minded people

  • attend online courses to develop skills

  • be curious and interested and have a learning mindset

  • do not be discouraged if you are not skilled enough yet, remember everyone is always learning in this field

  • having high education is not always necessary if you are willing to learn and create

The hottest jobs in web3

It is important to know which skills are in demand, so you can learn these accordingly and know the worth of your skills. The panel concluded these are the most wanted jobs.

  • Developer in the web3 field

  • community manager

  • strategic marketer

  • technical writer with knowledge of the blockchain space

This list could be expanded ever fourth, however the most important thing is always that you like what you are doing and that you provide value to the web3 space, then the money will follow. Perhaps you will even be able to get a crypto salary and fully emerge in this new technology.

How to get started

In this ever evolving field, there is no perfect way of doing things. So there is not just one right way to get started. The best advice is to always keep learning and creating by having connections with people that have the skills you want to learn, staying up to date about latest developments and keep creating to showcase what you learned and to help others navigate the blockchain space.


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About the author

John L. Schantin has been deeply involved in the blockchain space for several years. With a background in computer science and smart contract development, he is always on the search for innovative applications for blockchain technologies. You can contact him via LinkedIn.


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