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Panel discussion: Are Crypto Assets the way to financial inclusion?

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

The topic of financial inclusion is a growing issue for more and more people. Economic globalization allows sourcing talents from all parts of the world, giving billions of people the opportunity to participate in a connected economy. Still, the transfer of money between different jurisdictions often poses a challenge to individuals and companies alike. A problem that tackles, by providing easy invoicing and accounting for blockchain backed assets.

Why is now the time to discuss this topic?

Blockchain technology provides a network for the cheap and fast transfer of digital assets. And can thereby foster financial inclusion. What are the challenges to overcome before we see a broad-scale adoption of this disruptive technology?

We will discuss the pain points faced by freelancers and small businesses around the world when it comes to receiving salaries via international money transfers.

The panel was hosted by Alexandra Kons, who is a reputable journalist in the blockchain space. We invited Maria Eneva Olms from the education startup EkoLance, Alexander Wilke from Satoshi Pay and Oliver Schantin, CEO and Cofounder of

Missed the panel? Catch up here!

In case you missed out on the panel, you can watch the discussion in full length here:


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About the author

Oliver Schantin has been deeply involved in the blockchain and entrepreneurial space for several years. He founded his first blockchain startup in 2019 and is a frequent speaker and guest in various crypto-related podcasts, conferences, and summits. You can contact him via LinkedIn or Email.


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