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Let's create a Bitcoin Invoice: Going Bitcoin-Only Mode with

A Bitcoin-Centric Experience recognizes the growing demand for a platform that emphasizes Bitcoin. While it caters to the broader "crypto" community with a range of features, it also provides an avenue for users to operate exclusively with Bitcoin, ensuring a focused and streamlined experience.

Bitcoin held by a person

Connect Any Wallet with Ease

While Meta Mask offers Bitcoin support through third-party plugins, goes a step further. The platform allows you to connect any wallet, be it Meta Mask, a hardware wallet, or any other software wallet. Simply paste your public key, and you're all set.

Simplified Bitcoin Invoicing and Accounting

With, creating a Bitcoin invoice becomes a breeze. The platform offers a dedicated invoicing and accounting system tailored for Bitcoin enthusiasts. Send and receive payments, manage your accounts, and track transactions, all centered around Bitcoin.

Customize Your Base Currency

For those who go one step further and calculate all value in satoshis, offers flexibility. By clicking on the currency symbol in the top right of the dashboard screen, you can set your desired base unit for your dashboard and invoices. Just select sats as your new denominator.

Real-Time Currency Conversion

If your clients are more comfortable with traditional currencies like the Dollar or Euro, has a solution. The platform provides real-time conversion, calculating the satoshi amount based on the current exchange rate at the time of payment.

Exciting Developments: Lightning Integration

While's current fiat-to-crypto payment system supports only stable coins, there's something to look forward to. Lightning integration is underway and is expected to launch this year, enhancing the platform's bitcoin transaction capabilities. Why not transact on the most decentralized Blockchain?

The Future of Invoicing: Fiat-to-Bitcoin

Imagine a scenario where your client pays in EUR or Dollar, and you receive Bitcoin directly. That's the power of fiat-to-Bitcoin invoicing on The platform manages the accounting, conversion, and all backend processes, ensuring a smooth transaction for all involved.

In Conclusion

For those who believe in the potential of Bitcoin and seek a platform that aligns with this vision, is the ideal choice. From creating Bitcoin invoices to managing accounts and transactions, offers a comprehensive Bitcoin-centric solution.


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