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Embracing the Future of Payments with’s Fiat-to-Crypto Invoicing

With the advent of digital technologies, the payment landscape has undergone a significant transformation. Among the many evolutionary strides, cryptocurrencies have emerged as a powerful disruptor, changing how businesses and individuals transact globally. The ability to invoice in cryptocurrency has become an important capability in this digital era. Responding to this need, is thrilled to introduce a new fiat-to-crypto invoicing feature.

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Most clients prefer to pay in their local currency. Photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash

What is Fiat-to-Crypto Invoicing?

Fiat-to-crypto invoicing is a method that allows businesses or individuals to issue invoices in their local fiat currency while offering the option to be paid in cryptocurrency. This solution is poised to revolutionize business transactions, enabling global trade and empowerment for underbanked regions.

Exploring's Fiat-to-Crypto Invoicing Feature

At, we've simplified the invoicing process with an innovative feature that enables you to create invoices denominated in your local currency. These invoices can be paid either in fiat or crypto, offering flexibility to your clients.

Our process is user-friendly and intuitive. When a client receives your invoice, they can pay through a payment link included in the invoice PDF. This link leads them to a payment page where they can choose to pay via credit card, SEPA, or Google Pay. The payment is then automatically converted into the correct token on the correct blockchain network and sent to the receiver.

We've partnered with trusted exchanges to offer competitive fees for these conversions. To maintain a secure and compliant environment, KYC and AML checks are necessary for all users of our fiat-to-crypto feature.

Advantages of Using's Fiat-to-Crypto Invoicing

This innovative feature brings a host of benefits to businesses, freelancers, and crypto enthusiasts alike. From avoiding high banking fees to circumventing the fluctuations of weak local currencies, users can experience the convenience, speed, and low costs of crypto transactions.

If you're a web3 company or a freelancer, this feature can dramatically streamline your payments process.’s mission is to drive the adoption of blockchain-based payments forward, and this new feature is a significant step in making cryptocurrencies easier and more accessible to use.

How to Get Started with Fiat-to-Crypto Invoicing on

To use our fiat-to-crypto invoicing feature, you need to be familiar with Web3 wallets like MetaMask. Once you're able to connect your wallet to the Web App, you can start creating and sending invoices that can be paid in crypto or fiat.

Looking Ahead

At, we're continually looking to expand and improve our offerings. In the future, we plan to support more tokens and fiat payment methods. We're also exploring the possibility of introducing a crypto-to-fiat invoicing option.

As we continue to align with our mission of making blockchain technology more accessible, we invite you to join us on this journey. Try our new fiat-to-crypto invoicing feature today and experience the future of payments.


The future of financial transactions is here. With’s fiat-to-crypto invoicing, you can harness the power of digital currencies and open up a world of possibilities for your business or freelance work. Welcome to a new era of transactions, where convenience, security, and efficiency rule. Embrace the future with Let's redefine the way we transact, together.


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