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A strong team for crypto payments: and are partners

Cryptocurrencies and especially stablecoins are a major driver of financial inclusion and allow millions of under banked people to join the global labor market. wants to make it easier to use crypto and stable coins to send money across borders.

We are already using USDT and USDC to pay for our freelancers abroad. They are using our own invoicing solution to receive crypto payments.

It is important to use a stable coin, that is trustworthy and in the best case is backed with real assets. After recent events, many stable coin issuers are losing trust. This is hindering crypto adoption, which is one of the main goals, that motivated the inception of Our new partner is tackling this exact problem, by allowing entities to issue stable coins that are backed by real assets and therefore are far less likely to depeg from the fiat currency they are meant to represent. is going to offer the use of such stablecoins in the near future.

We are looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership and are excited about the coming collaborations.

Learn more about and check out their channels:


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