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10 freelance platforms to earn money in cryptocurrency

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

A recent study of SoFi technologies showed that 36% of workers would like to receive part or all of their salary in cryptocurrencies. Whether you fell down the rabbit hole of cryptos or want to stop depending on banks, you might be interested in these platforms with gigs remunerated with crypto.¹

Author: Carmen Rodríguez

  1. PompCryptoJobs is one of our favorites due to the clean design, the good filtering options, and the possibility to scroll through the different companies. They have an education section and they focus on crypto-related jobs.

  2. LaborX was founded by Australian blockchain company It is hosted in the ethereum network. At it, you can find freelance jobs, short-term gigs, and permanent positions in different industries not only crypto.

  3. Cryptotask is famous for its low fees which are always less than 3%. They have more than 35.000 platform users and an exciting referral program. Pays in bitcoin, ethereum, aeternity, stable coin, or other cryptocurrencies.

  4. Anytask is available in 23 languages! This platform doesn't require you to have a bank account because they pay you with ETN; a world-leading mobile cryptocurrency created by Electroneum Ltd.

  5. Ethlance is also distributed on ethereum. It doesn't have third-party costs, ads, or gig restrictions. On the other hand, you will be paying ethereum gas fees every time you make changes in the database.

  6. Getpaid is perfect if you live in Africa. This platform will help you connect with creators, artists, traders, and NFT- communities. Get paid via/in XLM, USDC, KES, RWF, and TZS.

  7. Pentonium: With DAO at its core, this decentralized platform uses DID (decentralized identifier) to identify scam clients. They also use an escrow smart contract for an affordable price. They have a small commission of 5% and a democratic mechanism for resolving disputes.

  8. Timerr This marketplace for crypto-related services includes comprehensive peer reviews and three NFTs collections that certify service providers. They currently have a free listing for crypto influencers!

  9. Latium’s competitive advantage is the “Instant Hire”. When you are looking for microtask they have a wide selection and you can also post your gigs, up to 5 with the free version. Latium supports payments in USD and several other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, ethereum, and their own WORK token.

  10. Reddit If you know you specifically want to earn Bitcoin you can always post your offer in Jobs4bitcoin. With 52.5k members, it is a really active community that will captivate you with its dramatic colors.

Table of crypto freelance platforms

Figure 1: Comparison table


As we have seen, there are several platforms to find a job that pays in crypto, but it is important to always check the regulations in your country. In Portugal, you can get paid in crypto, and if the value of your payment increases you don't have to pay taxes on the extra amount. But in other countries like China crypto is simply banned. In any case, networking is always a key factor in the crypto-space that can help you find new gigs and clients. ³ banner


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Carmen Rodriguez is the executive assistant at and community manager. Before, she worked in educational entrepreneurship for one year. Besides her degree in business administration, she holds a master's in social innovation. You can contact her via LinkedIn.



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