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Cryptocurrency payments can be messy and unclear to account. aggregates all data available of your public keys and allows you to overview balances and transactions, report about them, and to create fiat/crypto-to-crypto invoices.


Our primary objective is to accelerate the transition to a more decentralized and self-determined economic environment.





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Everything gathered

Real time portfolio overview

Track your portfolio value in real-time and get an overview of all your assets calculated in your favorite base-currency. Portfolio Overview


Fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto Invoicing 

Whether your employer wants to pay you in crypto or in fiat - you will receive your desired token. Invoicing Reporting


Make your crypto taxes easier

Create PDFs and CSV reports

  • Transactions Report

  • Balance Report

  • Ledger Entries Report

  • IFRS Income Statement (P&L)

  • Holding Period Report

  • Portfolio Performance Report

and other documents to meet your accounting and reporting needs.



Decentralized Finance Integration

Have your swap, lending, staking and liquidity provision transactions seamlessly aggregated. Icon
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